Nissan Thetford Mines

777 Boulevard Frontenac O
Thetford Mines, Quebec
G6G 6K4, Canada
Phone: 1-877-755-6242

Nissan Thetford Mines

Your Nissan dealership in Thetford Mines

Hello and welcome to the microsite of your next Nissan dealership in the Thetford Mines region, Nissan Thetford Mines.

Are you looking for a used Nissan in the Thetford Mines region ? At Nissan Thetford Mines, we are very proud to offer a wide array of quality used cars for you to choose from. Thanks to the variety of the inventory that we put together, we are convinced that you are going to find the used car that you are looking for quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for a truck, sports car meant for the track or simply an economy car for the daily commute, rest assured that you are going to find it right here at Nissan Thetford Mines in the Thetford Mines region. Furthermore, all our used cars are thoroughly inspected by excellent technicians. For this reason, our used cars are very reliable and easy to drive. All in all, we offer a wide array of quality used cars for every budget, every need and every preference.

Owning a used car in working order is great, but having a used car that looks good is even better. For this reason, we have put at your disposal an excellent car wash service. Our prices are competitive and our services are many. For example, you can choose to wash the inside and outside of your vehicle or only the exterior. Either way, this service is useful for our customers.

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